One of the main questions I get about vaping is if it's similar to smoking. Is it really a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking or does vaping also have its downfalls? What are its real differences and what makes the other more beneficial? 

These queries were always the first thing people ask, which is why I wanted to compile all the differences and let people know which is a better choice! To learn all about vaping and cigarette smoking, read on. I'll show you the comparison between smoking vs. vaping and what you must know!

Smoking Vs Vaping: What You Must Know
Let's first look into the meanings of both vapor and smoke:

Smoke results from combustion. During combustion, there are new chemicals that form from oxidation, with new chemicals coming out of the smoke. 
Vaporizing occurs when you heat water. When the water boils, it creates vapor.

Chemicals Found in Both Smoke and Vapor

The main difference between both smoke and vapor are the chemicals found.

Tobacco smoke has thousands of different chemicals in it, with almost a hundred of them causing cancer. These are just some of the chemicals:

Carbon Monoxide
Nitrogen Oxide

As for vapor, there aren't new chemicals formed. The chemicals found in the liquid (vape juice) are the same ones formed to vapor. The different types of vape juice like dirty vape juice include the four main chemicals:

Propylene Glycol
Food grade flavoring
Vegetable glycerin

And yes, all these chemicals are FDA-approved.

The Smell of Vape and Smoke
This is also another major difference between both smoking and vaping.

When smoking cigarettes, there is a distinct and unpleasant odor that lingers for a long time. The smell doesn't only stay on the person, but the entire room. Inhaling this smoke can also cause sicknesses from secondhand smoke.

As for vapor, the smell dissipates in minutes, with a more pleasant smell from the food grade flavorings you can choose from. 

The Health Risks Associated
While smoking is known for its many health risks, what about vaping?

Smoking contains tar and carbon monoxide, which is known to damage the lungs and also causes rotting teeth. Furthermore, the poisonous gases can harm the body in many ways, and since it's addictive, it's very difficult to quit. 

It only takes a few seconds for the cigarette smoke to reach your lungs, leading to addiction and many side effects immediately. When smoking, you may feel dopamine in the brain, more alertness, but also increased heart rate and constricted blood vessels. While it's a way to stay energized and relax, the long-term risks aren't worth the temporary high.

As for vaping, it still has its health risks, though not as intense as smoking. There is a small trace of nicotine found in vape juice, and because vaping causes diacetyl, it may cause lung damage.

There are still studies being done on the effects of vaping. For now, current evidence doesn't indicate any major danger and long-term adverse effects from the product. However, less harmful doesn't mean completely safe. The chemicals found in vape juice still contain harmful chemicals which can deter your health in the long run!

Yes, vaping is approved by the FDA, but as much as possible, it's still best to stop vaping or smoking.

Which Is Better?
Based on the differences and side effects, we can say that vaping is the "healthier" alternative because of its fewer chemicals. But again, just because it has fewer chemicals and less intense side effects doesn't mean you should vape every day! 

For me, I prefer vaping when you are trying to quit tobacco smoking. It's a great way to gradually lessen your smoking without the strong withdrawal symptoms. 

I also prefer vaping because of its better smell and taste. It may not be pleasing to all people, but has a better scent and is actually more affordable than tobacco smoking in the long run.

Overall, if I were to choose between smoking and vaping, I would have to select the latter. But as much as possible, lessening the use of either cigarettes or vapes is most recommended. It will help keep your good health in the long run!

Wrapping It Up
You'll be surprised to know that smoking cigarette and vaping is quite different. While they both have similarities in terms of smoking, you'll want to consider going for vaping instead, which is a slightly healthier alternative. 

Hopefully, after reading this article on smoking vs. vaping: you have a better idea of what choice you should make. So don't wait any longer and look into your options on vaping today!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on smoking cigarettes and vaping, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!