Most general way, to know whether any service is good or not, is informally asking to a friend or a colleague or a relative about it. And this has been the way from long times. Whenever one needs opinion, he or she heads toward the relatives, friends and colleagues to enquire about something. With the change in time, people changed, business changed, ways of business changed and almost everything started to happen in a different way. 

People started to depend upon the critiques and daily newspaper columns. With time, the place of the critiques and newspaper columns was taken by advertisements. And we know advertisements have affected people to a very much extent. There were times when advertisement was actually everything irrespective of the quality of product and service of company. 

The reason why advertisements were a huge affecting thing was less communications and less communication meant less sharing of experiences which allowed manufacturers and companies to use the advertisement in their favor. This problem was solved with the rise of social media and participation of more and more people in the opinions about things, products and services. Now internet provides a way to expose the wrong details and so now advertisement is really doing what it needs to be done and that is just to present the product or service in front of people and let the users and customers decide what’s good for them because the crowd now decides whether the product is what it is being told by manufacturers or not. 

The websites now provide way to learn about the service or product and then compare the same services or products from many different manufacturers or companies and review them after using the service or product. Later these reviews help the new customers in choosing whether what’s right for them and what’s not. 

The same goes for the time when you are looking for car insurance companies. This website avails the visitor with a list of car insurance companies and the visitor can learn about the different insurance companies and can compare the insurance service provided by different companies. The reviews given by customers help the visitor in understanding the service from the customer’s point of view. The customers give ratings to the service provided by company to help the visitors learn about all the views of the service being provided by company. The final decision made by the visitor to whether take the service or not, definitely has a part from these ratings and reviews given by existing customers. 

A company, which has been given better rating and more positive reviews, is always going to be chosen by the new visitors. Some of the most renowned companies which provide good car insurance have had their share of good ratings and reviews on the website like GEICO insurance company ratings and reviews match with its success and obviously the services provided by the company. So, ratings and reviews are actually a new and better way of evaluating the services provided by any company.