If you are into music production, you must know that audio mastering makes the last step of making any music. It is the final stage of the process in which music in the form of album or mix is taken to its post-production process before it is sent out for distribution. 

It is not a process that comes with a single click, as it involves a sequence of delicate audio process in which the music undergoes equalization, compression, saturation, stereo enhancement, and limiting. The main reason why we include mastering is because we need to put the stereo mix into equilibrium and create all the essentials of the sound to be consistent. So when the albums reach its audience with just a click they hear the best music. With the help of Mastering playback of optimization is ensured on each and every media format.

So, let us understand why Mastering is important: 
As we have already understood that Mastering gives an assurance of good quality on each and every speaker system while streaming on various platforms. It makes any audio work perfect on the various media devices and it is also the last stage that makes the audio album perfect for its distribution. Mentioned below are the good reasons why most of the artists click for Mastering of their music. Scroll down and check out: 

With the help of Mastering one can accentuate or decrease the frequencies of music in order to enhance the overall mix.
It helps in fixing the issues of frequencies and thus helps in enhancing and improving the balances which are skipped during the process of mixing of album. 
Mastering helps in managing the dynamics, control transient spikes, and glue tracks of the music.
You can eliminate the pops, click, and additional useless noises from the music.
With the help of Mastering you can enhance the stereo to add dimension and balance. It also helps in extending the music mix so it sounds bigger. It also helps in narrowing the center by putting the focus on the ends.  
For reaching commercial excellence it reduces click and improves the level of perceived loudness.
By including Mastering you can be sure of adding each and every song in one album and you can also say that the EP sound steadiness and balancing can be included with the help of Mastering. It helps in matching up the levels of an audio that allows the listener to enjoy each song from the album without adjusting the level of volume for each song. 
With the help of Mastering one can easily generate fades or cross-fades in order to get smoother transitions while playing various songs in a music album or EP.
Mastering helps in the arrangement of songs to the closing sequence during making an album or EP.
By using Mastering one can include space at the start and finish of the songs in an album or EP.
One can include metadata and ISRC codes while making catalogue of the music album and it supports tracking a song in the album or EP.