Men, are you getting tired of long, unruly hair? Why not go for a sleek shortcut that will drive women wild? 

A high fade haircut could be the answer to your hair woes. This short, sleek hairstyle is ideal for the male who is looking for a fresh cook look. A high fade is shaved close on the sides and back. However, what sets this sharp hairstyle apart from the rest is the high fade that reaches above the midpoint between the tips of the ears and the temple.

High fade haircuts allow for many styling options from spiky quiffs to sleek pompadours to retro faux hawks. And it doesn’t matter if your hair is poker straight or curly, there is a high fade that is tailor made for every texture and style of hair. High fades are perfect for making your curls stay in place for a neat, tight and tidy look.

Men will thin hair will love this hairstyle as it is cut ultra short to give the appearance of thicker locks. As it draws the focus to the top of your hair, it will create the illusion of volume and texture. 

As well, high fades are extremely flattering for men with wide cheekbones and round faces. This popular hairstyle will help slim your face and accentuate your handsome facial features. Also, the more volume the better for those with wider faces. But don’t worry, high fades look great with any face structures. If you have a long or narrow face, we suggest long bangs that fall over your forehead.  Those with a diamond faced shade look best with messier styles with added width and volume on the top.

The best part about a fade is the versatility You can wear the top at almost any length as you can style it into a faux hawk, pompadour, quiff, or even a slick box cut. Yes, you may have to maintain the short buzz cut on back and sides but once you notice how cool this short style feels on a hot summer day, you will realize won’t regret it. You might even be able to trim it up at home between trips to the barber to cut the top. However, if you aren’t skilled at shaving your own hair, a quick trip to the barber is well worth the effort to maintain this sexy look.

Still, not convinced that a high fade is your style? Check out some of the hottest looks for high fades and see if we can sway you!

10 Hip High Fade Haircuts for Men


High Skin Fade

A good high fade haircut is adapted to your hair, the way it grows, the texture and so forth. This high skin fade hairstyle is cut to drop just below the crown. The length is just long enough to keep it from sticking up. It is often referred to as “The Greek High Fade.

The best thing about this cut is that it looks awesome from the back and is full of texture.

Spiky Quiff

This spiky quiff is one of the most popular styles this season With its quiff cut and textured spikes it creates a definitive hairline with a disconnected flair the is on point. This is a great look for those who want a high fade with a ton of volume. It looks very dapper with a neatly trimmed beard and sideburns. Make sure to use a quality texturizing product to add volume to this trendy look.

Textured Pomp

More length on the top will make for a higher pompadour. Varying long length will add texture and body. This platinum blonde high textured pomp is very sleek and stylish if you are looking for a look that is cool yet professional. A closely trimmed beard makes it look even hipper.

Pomp Fade

This next look is a modern take on the classic pomp. It almost resembles a slicked back faux hawk with the unexpected drop to a point in the back. The hair design on the side is a great way to express your individual style if you want a look that has a bit of an edgy vibe. The slick pompadour is combed to the middle to give it both volume and texture.

Textured Crop On Top

This high fade is an ideal look if you are going for a short slick high fade with a texture. The closely cropped top and shaved sides have even more depth thanks to the dark roots and platinum blonde highlights.

Comb Over Fade And Hard Part

Comb over fades are extremely popular right now and this sleek comb over is no exception. The hard, shaved part with diagonal bangs gives it a slick and  polished look.

Angled Crop Haircut

This look has a youthful flair with its medium length cut that is styled diagonally. It is rich in texture and volume and is great if you want a fresh look that will help you recapture your youth.

Buzz Fade And Line Up

If you want a look that is edgy and hip, this high fade cut is a combo of a fade, buzz cut and line up. This is perfect if you are torn between 
these three popular men’s hairstyles and want a look this is unique and stylish.

Curly Top 

If you have curly hair and think a high fade will take away from those stunning curly locks of yours, haven no fear. This curly high fade for mid 
length hair was made for those with wavy locks. Use product to create a messy look or slick it back for a more classic style.

Flat Top Fade

Flat tops styles are all the rage if you want a look that if young and fresh. The shade sides will add height and depth as well as add to the 

classic boxiness that is the trademark of the flat top hairstyle for men.

Have any of these high fade men’s haircuts inspired you to go for a sleek and sexy new look? We promise that you won’t regret this trendy 

style and that women will be falling at your feet once they see your slick new look.