Before I get down telling you which of the two options is better, let’s take a quick look at what exactly is marijuana? 

Derived from Cannabis, marijuana is used for recreational and medicinal purposes. It’s a psychoactive drug having tetrahydrocannabinol compound. Commonly known as weed, pot, ganja, Mary Jane and other slang names its a greenish mixture derived from the dried cannabis flowers.

The marijuana contains a mind-altering chemical and bass been a widely used illicit drug, especially in the US. Although many countries have legalized its use for medicinal purposes and few have legalized it for adult recreation as well, still the image of marijuana is conflicting. 

I am not going into the legality of the subject matter, what I will tell you is the best method of taking marijuana for adult vaping and medicinal purposes.  

Why is smoking marijuana bad for your health?

We all know the big things about smoking, in general, the tar is cancer causing, and it is no different when it comes to smoking weed. When people try to smoke up marijuana, usually they place it on a foil and combust it and quickly try to inhale as much of the white smoke that comes out. They think this is how they are going to get high fast. But my friends this is trauma, trauma to your lungs, brain and your entire body. 

The THC compound in weed is harmful, and by smoking it directly, you are inflicting yourself with inhaling tar as well. Smoking marijuana may give you a lot of thrill, but it will kill! 

Eventually, in the long run, you will get addicted to smoking it, like any other tobacco smoker and end up destroying your lungs. 

How is vaporizing better and smoking?

Now, that’s why people are focusing on vaporizing marijuana. Vaporizing weed is a much better and safer option compared to smoking, here is why? 

1. Safer for long-term use: while you have seen smoking marijuana can cause severe health issues, even if you are taking it for health reasons. To benefit from the medicinal properties of Mary Jane, you must vaporize it. This way you will be safe from the combustion, fumes, and tar while the good things remain for you to benefit. 

2. Less fuss: I won’t say vaping cannabis does make any smoke, but way much lesser than smoking. Especially if you want to use weed with people around you. When you vape it, it gives way lesser fumes, with less smell but almost similar feel and effect.

3. Tastes better: some users experienced smoking weed gives only a charred smell and a mental trauma of being ‘high,’ but when you vaporize it, you can enjoy the flavors. From light notes to higher notes you can experience every bit of it. 

4. Cost effective: vaporizing marijuana is a cost saver too, while you need a good quantity to burn when smoking to get that high, you will use lesser quantity while you vape it. So it eventually ends up saving you money in the long run. 

5. Stylishly designed vape pens: If you like to flaunt your way to weed, what better than getting those sleek stylish and rechargeable vape pens that look so up-town and luxurious. Vaporizing means no worries of lighters, pods or even foils. Let’s say it’s a high-tech way of feeling ‘high.’ 

6. Get much high:  It’s a good catch, you must know. When you smoke, most of the weed quickly burns down to char. But when you vaporize it, it stays longer and burns slowly utilizing every bit of cannabis. This way it neither gets waste and makes you much high than mere smoking would do. 

In light of the above facts, it is clear that vaporizing marijuana is far more beneficial, useful and productive than smoking it. If you want to make a statement and enjoy at the same time, vaping pens can cast that first impression and keep your health intact without giving you a kickback. The ministry of health in many countries are promoting Vaporizing over smoking and are backing company like YocanVaporizer who are into manufacturing vape pens. 

So, all those who are using weed for its active medicinal properties or even for adult entertainment purposes, know that vaporizing marijuana is better than smoking it.