While tattoos can be an amazing way to express yourself, sometimes your piece of art just doesn’t turn out the way you’d hoped it would.

Fortunately, laser tattoo removal is an option for those who no longer want that cartoon character on their shoulder or their ex’s name on their wrist.

Getting a tattoo is painful enough, so it’s understandable for people to wonder how long they will need to sit in their dermatologist’s chair to get their tattoo removed.

The Duration of Your Laser Tattoo Removal Session

A lot of advances have been made since laser tattoo removal first became an option. Today’s modern technology makes laser tattoo removal much faster and more efficient. Heat energy is used to quickly and safely break up the ink particles under the skin, with most sessions lasting about 10 to 20 minutes. 

Every session is different though and the following factors all play a role in the duration of your session:

- Tattoo Location: Laser removal treatments can be carried out on any part of the body but the neck, hands and feet are particularly tricky as these areas are more sensitive.

- Tattoo Size: The bigger your tattoo is, the longer your sessions will be. 

- Tattoo Colours: Black and grey are two of the easiest colours to remove but red, white and other brighter colours can be a bit trickier, which means your sessions might last longer.

Clinica Lase is a top Melbourne tattoo removal clinic that will be able to give you a better estimate of how long each of your sessions will last during your initial consultation. 

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Again, this is entirely dependent on how complex your tattoo is. Some tattoos can be completely removed in 5 – 7 treatments while others require a lot more. Tattoo removal is a lengthy process overall because each of your sessions will need to be spaced 5 – 6 weeks apart. 

If you are planning to lighten your tattoo so that you can cover it up with a new tattoo, you will require fewer sessions than most. 

So while most sessions are relatively quick, be prepared to return for multiple sessions over the course of several months if you want to completely remove your tattoo. 

The laser that is used for the removal will also play a role in how many sessions you will require and how much time is required between sessions to allow your skin to heal properly. By not giving the skin enough time to heal, scarring becomes far more likely. 

Is It Going to Hurt?

Most patients describe the pain levels as similar to what they experienced when they got their tattoo. Laser removal feels as if someone is repeatedly snapping a rubber band against your skin but sitting through this sensation for 10 – 20 minutes can’t really be compared to a 4/5 hour tattooing session. 

Your skin is going to feel tender and look red after your treatment but your clinician will tell you how to alleviate any discomfort and care for your skin until your next appointment.