Projectors used to be mounted back in the audience or somewhere in the middle of a room. With the advent of ultra short throw projectors, the device may be brought closer to the screen.

An ultra short throw projector is able to flash vivid images as large as 80 inches even with a throw distance of as little as 30 inches. Aside from their close proximity to the screen, ultra short throw projectors are preferred over their short-throw and long-throw counterparts because of the following advantages: 

Minimal Shadows
Keeping the projector close to the screen allows you to place all other objects behind it. This minimizes, if not eliminate, unwanted shadows from disrupting your presentation or movie-viewing. 

Zero Eye Glare
Aside from the short gap, an ultra short throw projector is presenter-friendly. Because the device may be placed close to the screen, the presenter need not stand in the way of projection and will not have to worry about eye glare.

Many projectors of this kind are lightweight and portable, rendering them ideal for small rooms and intimate gatherings while being able to display large images.

Tips To Maximize the Use of Your Ultra Short Throw Projector
The features mentioned above justify the cost of ultra short throw projectors. To ensure that you are getting your money’s worth, check out the following tips that would maximize your use.

Improve Vividness of Images by Minimizing Ambient Light
It is customary to close the windows and turn off the lights when using a projector because ambient light may interfere with the image quality, causing it to look washed out. That is why watching a movie at night is more preferable.

There may be situations, however, when you might need ambient lighting while viewing. In this case, you will have to choose a model with higher lumens. 

It is important to note, however, that higher lumens do not equate to superb viewing quality. The ideal amount of lumens will depend on image size, screen material, and amount of ambient light present.

Choose a Tensioned Projection Screen to Avoid Distorted Images
Simply projecting onto a wall is not recommended. Paint residues may cast small shadows, making the view unpleasant. Projection screens are much smoother.

However, a non-tensioned one may not be stable and can be prone to wavy motion, thereby distorting the image. Thus, a tensioned projection screen is best.   

Upgrade Your Audio Experience by Connecting to a Bluetooth Speaker
Videos engage the audience not only through the eyes but also through the ears. Many models of ultra short throw projectors have their own built-in speakers. You can profit from this feature without having to buy a separate device. 

However, if you are a home theater enthusiast who prizes audio quality highly, you may make use of external speakers with Bluetooth capabilities. After all, some of the best ultra short throw projectors support this connectivity.

Watch Your Favorite Movies Using Smart TV Technology
Thousands of movies are available online through in-demand streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. You can gain access to your favorite flicks with UST projectors installed in your own home theater. They can even access social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Bring the 3D Experience to Your Own Home
Movies in 3D make imagery come to life by boosting depth perception. Some projectors have 3D capability and come with 3D glasses. With these projectors, you can enjoy the 3D experience you get in movie theaters right at the comfort of your home.

Project from Various Sources Using Wireless Connectivity
Some devices such as laptops may be bulky to connect to projectors. Then again, if you have your files, images, and videos stored in a smartphone or a tablet, you may maximize the wireless mirroring function of some projectors to show content from these more compact devices. Several models even allow you to display files of diverse formats from USB drives.

Keep the Room Tidy by Getting Rid of Distracting Wires

If you want the viewing room to look sleek and clean, you can do away with ugly tangled wires. A lot of ultra short throw projectors come with embedded batteries that allow you to charge and have it run for hours sans the wires. A single charging of some models allows you to enjoy up to two and a half hours of use.

There is no doubt as to why ultra short throw projectors are sought after. Their compelling features are suitable for educational, business, and personal needs.
On a final note, make sure that you read through the product information when purchasing ultra short projectors to exhaust its capabilities.

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