Born on 6th of December, 1977, in Tartu, Estonia, Nils Grossberg is a man on a mission to bring big changes in the world that would affect and change the world for the better. His first step in the direction comes up in May, 2017, when he co-founded Dagcoin is a software company. Dagcoin is behind the development of Dagcoin cryptocurrency which is already entitled as the cryptocurrency of the future. 

This entitlement comes from the fact that Dagcoin, as per Nils Grossberg’s mission, is a cryptocurrency that is developed by keeping more focus on ‘Usability’ rather than ‘Value.’ While most blockchain based cryptocurrencies are thriving in the crypto universe based on their value; Dagcoin aims to change this by bringing ‘Usability’ into consideration. The point that Dagcoin is high on usability, makes it a preferable cryptocurrency to be adopted by users for their daily financial transactions. 

Another point which requires due consideration is that Dagcoin, unlike blockchain based cryptocurrencies, is based on the DAG-chain. DAG-chain has reduced the transaction confirmation time as well as the transaction cost associated with Dagcoin drastically. A transaction when performed over a DAG-chain gets confirmed in less than a minute as the confirmation for that transaction comes from the transaction done prior to it, and the graph continues in the same fashion. Therefore, neither an external miner nor much of processing power is needed to get a transaction confirmed in case of DAG-chain. This has decreased the transaction cost as well. Moreover, DAG-chain is exceedingly magnificent and wonderful in terms that even if the user base of Dagcoin keeps on growing; the transaction confirmation time will decrease further. As a result, with an increase in a number of users, the performance of Dagcoin will become more superior to before. So, the issue of scalability that exists with blockchain stands completely resolved in case of DAG-chain. 

This makes Dagcoin much better than existing blockchain based cryptocurrencies and exhibits complete potential to become an alternative currency for doing financial transactions. Seeing the popularity of Dagcoin, more and more merchants are connecting their online businesses with Dagpay, a payment solution that will enable them to send and receive payments in dags, becoming an integral part of the Merchant Finder platform of Dagcoin. As an upshot of this Dagcoin is gaining more number of users, each day, under its hood and is all set to bring about a positive revolution in the field of cryptocurrency. 

Another significant step of Nils Grossberg, in the direction to bring positive changes in the world, comes in the form of Success Factory, which is a network marketing company of which he is the CEO. Nils’ vision is to make Success Factory a well-known and widely recognized community of highly innovative people that are committed to making the world a better place to live in. The members will receive support in form of funds as well as followers. 

The future is, indeed, bright for Dagcoin as well as Success Factory as both are directed, focused and completely set towards accomplishing Nils’ vision of bringing positive changes in the world.