Canada is a first-world country. It is one of the preferred destinations for immigrants because of its good governance, skilled worker program, and investor’s assistance for the overseas capitalist. If you moved to Canada and want to become a naturalized citizen, you should first pass the Canada citizenship test. First, you need to apply for a citizenship and it will be approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada department. After that, the applicant will receive an invitation to the citizenship test. To take the test, you need to go to the closes CIC office.

What to keep in mind?

The test can only be taken one time per application.

If you fail the test, you will be called to an interview with the regional citizenship judge to take a look at the result of the test and find out if the citizenship application will be approved or denied

Prior to the test, a guide to the test will be sent to you via mail once you submitted the application. The test is based on the topic “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. You should thoroughly study and review the material as the test is very specific, especially when it comes to historical facts and corresponding dates.

The test is 20 items and consists of multiple choice questions.

You should have at least 15 correct answers or 75% score to pass the test.

Part of the test is to answer two electoral system questions. These questions are not included in the study book. What you need to keep in mind though is to know the governor general, lieutenant general, and the minister of parliament of your region.

You will have a total of 40 minutes to complete the test.

There is no retake for the first application. So, make sure you pass the test the first time around.

The point of the test is to find out if you are really qualified to be a citizen of Canada according to the language and knowledge of Canada level.

As with the language, there is really no particular language test. As long as you understand the language level as used in the test, then you are good.

What is the significance of the Canadian citizenship test?

Becoming a Canadian citizenship enables you to enjoy the same rights and responsibilities a natural born Canadian has. You will have the rights to vote, familiar with various political parties, and parliamentary structure. It will integrate you into the Canadian society and make sure that the society is aware of your new status and rights.

To make sure you are going to pass the test, you have to study as hard as you can and perform a practice test. You should answer as many questions possible. There are about 200 questions that you can practice based on the guide. A mock test can prepare you mentally for how and what it feels like to take the test. To find out more on how you can pass the test with flying colours click here.