Every good athlete knows the value of having the right tools for their game. Regardless of what sport you participate in, quality sporting gear gives you an upper hand and the much needed physical and emotional a boost. In badminton, the right racket is unarguably a top priority for any player, whether they are just beginning or playing at a professional level. 

It is however a daunting task to pick the right racket, especially at a time when so many brands are available in the market. Here is a list of the best badminton racket brands that give you a combination of balance, flexibility and smashing power.

Japanese sporting equipment manufacture Yonex is renowned for its overwhelming contribution to badminton. Yonex sponsors the All England Badminton Championships and has close links with the World Badminton Federation. It is thus comes as no surprise that Yonex makes the world’s most outstanding badminton racquets.

Yonex has a wide range of racquets designed to give a player, power, flexibility and comfort. Among them are the Yonex Arcsaber series, the Yonex Voltic series   and a wide range of top-rated racquets. This variety ensures that a player in any category can enjoy a Yonex racket. They are among the most popular and widely used racket brands in the world.

If you are looking for durable, flexible and easy-to-maneuver rackets, a Victor racket will be appropriate. Victor is among badminton manufacturers who have sponsored some top players in such as Gao Ning, Yan Wei among others. The Meteor X90, is suitable for beginners and even skilled players as it delivers a unique playing power. You can also test the Victor Brave Sword series which has rackets such as the Victor Brave Sword 1800, well known for its elegance and affordability. It is a fast-speed racket.

Yahlex takes pride in manufacturing some of the most affordable badminton rackets. At introduction, the company brought only racket choices to players but it has gworn its line to 24 rackets today. This Taiwanese company is making a huge impact in the badminton world with innovative rackets that are suitable for all levels of play.

Affordable pricing, handling comfort and elegance are some of the qualities that make Yehlex rackets a favorite among players. They are a good choice especially for players participating in non-competitive play.

This is a racket brand that gives the player control delivered through light weight. Ashaway rackets allows the player to have a firm grip on the handle thus helping to deliver precise, powerful shots. The Ashaway Company from Britain has rackets such as Ashaway, Black Night and Volki and recently introduced the Ashaway Superlight Phantom. This new entrant has brought class and style with its attractive design.
Ashaway is also a producer of a wide range of related products in sports such as squash, tennis and racquetball. This enhances their experience and ability to experiment in the production of their rackets. In the end, players are assured of quality badminton rackets.

Among outstanding Forza brands are  the Forza Leva;r CNT-X Power 10000 and the Forza N-Forze 3000 X-treme Light. These are not the rackets that the Danish company makes but has others which include Power, Light, Titanium, Fusion and Legend rackets, of which deliver different qualities to players. Forza has been a distinguished company which has made great strides since its establishment in 1990.

Carlton rackets have received acclaim from several top players for a long time. The UK-based company has endeared itself to racket badminton players by producing high-end, superior, durable rackets. The company was established in 1946 and has injected a scientific approach to its racket manufacturing process. Through its research unit located in Camberley, England, the company has brought to life some dazzling racket brands. On the list of Calrton’s epic rackets are the Isobalde, Ignite, Vapor Trail and Carlton Razor.

All the way from China, the Li-Ning racket brands have been highly for their stability and are do dynamics. Li-Ning rackets are among the high-end badminton brands selling all over the word. The United States, in particular is a huge consumer of Li-Ning rackets. The Chinese national team also uses these rackets often. These rackets require a certain level of practice for the hand to get in style. They are most suitable for intermediate and pro players.

Final Word
There are several options available in the market and players of any caliber can benefit from the wide range of rackets. As you decide on a suitable badminton racket, it is advisable that you list down the most important qualities you will be looking for. Comfort, durability, flexibility and of course price are just a few considerations. Research and seek information widely so that you pick on the most befitting product. Rackets meant for pro games will have considerable differences with those for players at the amateur stages.