Debt is a very stressful thing to have looming over you and being able to cut it down or even get rid of it completely is very important - here are some tips to do so. 

1 - Try Out A 0 Percent Balance Transfer Credit Card 

While some credit card base rates are as low as .5 percent or even .25 percent in some countries, the average credit card percentage rate is a whopping 18 percent. If your interest rates are making it take forever to deal with your credit card debt, you may find solace by shifting over to a 0 percent balance transfer card. Some deals might give you over two years without any interest. You'll have to look around a bit to find the best option, but any time spent researching the matter sure beats being saddled with tons and tons of extra amounts on your bill each month. 

2 - Reject Any Credit Card APR Spikes 

If you still owe money on an open credit card and you know an interest rate spike is coming, you can actually get in touch with the provider and reject the increased amount. You probably won't be able to charge anything else if you get locked in at the original rate, but at least it will help you pay off the debt much faster. 

3 - Find A Local Credit Union To Join 

Local credit unions often offer cheap loans that are far more affordable in the long run than more nationally established providers. You'll likely find that there are a lack of early redemption fees, fees for setup, and administrative costs as well. 

Credit union loans often only charge 1 percent of interest per month on whichever balance remains. In general, you won't find any local credit union providers charging more than 3 percent on a monthly basis. This can incredibly easily managed in relatively short order! 

4 - Avoid High Cost Credit Lines Like Payday Loans 

You might be compelled to get quick cash through means such as payday loans. It's not uncommon to suddenly find yourself in need of emergency funds. That said, it's important to consider their horribly unrelenting nature. It's an especially bad idea to seek out loans of this type just for credit card payments since it will only send you soaring even further into debt. Explore every possible option before accepting anything of the sort. If you have issues with these then get help with your payday loans

5 - Understand And Chip Away At Your Credit Score 

It's important to be aware of your current credit score. You can find your rating through popular providers such as Equifax and Experian. In many cases, your first report will be completely free. Once you know where you stand as far as your credit history is concerned, it will help you keep track of your progress and help establish your end goal. This makes chipping away at your debt a much easier task overall. 

6 - Pay More Than The Minimum Required On Your Bills 

If you're struggling with money and having a hard time keeping up with bills as it is, it's understandable if you can only make your minimum payments each month. With that said, you should consider the total owed and think about how long it's going to take for a complete payment if you only go bit by bit. The matter of interest rates will only make matters worse. Look over your every day expenditures and you'll likely see areas in which you could start saving a little bit more to apply to your bills. If you pay more than your minimum amount owed, you'll help rid yourself of your debts much sooner. 

7 - Consolidate All Debts Through A Personal Loan 

In some cases, a personal loan to help you consolidate everything you currently owe may be best. If your interest rates are sky high and you're paying off several debts all at once, you can receive one personal loan to help you pay them all and then deal with the single loan payment from there. There are many deals along the lines of "best rate personal loans" with low APR and easily managed monthly payments. This solution isn't for everyone, but it's worth considering.