Choosing a manufacturer to help produce your product can be difficult, you need to find a reputable company who can guarantee an excellent service. Finding a pigment dispersion business in the UK can be challenging, but there are several first-class companies based throughout the country. Here are some factors to consider when using an independent manufacturer. 

Identify Possible Manufacturers
Pigment dispersions and custom-made colour solutions is an expert industry, there aren’t many companies available in the UK who can provide such a specialised service. But, if you take some time to research online, you’ll find highly professional enterprises in cities such as Leeds and London to name a few. They cater for all types of businesses including organisation who work in the ink, paint and coating industries. 

If you’ve any business contacts who rely on similar services, it is advisable to seek recommendations from them. If they’ve had work carried out on a product or they’ve ordered a bespoke item, they should be able to provide advice on the company they dealt with. Once you’ve gotten their contact details, visit their website online and read about their services. If you’ve further questions which aren’t addressed on their site, call the company and speak to a representative. 

Use a Domestic Manufacturer
When it comes to sourcing services and products, many business owners seem to look outside the UK to places such as China and India, both for manufacturing purposes and services like customer care. But, when choosing a pigment dispersions company, it is recommended you select a business within the country. It is a highly skilled industry, which requires state of the art machinery and expert personnel to achieve excellent results. Domestic manufacturers employ knowledgeable, experienced technicians that you’ll struggle to find outside the UK. 

Custom-made Designs
When choosing a colour manufacturer, it is important to find a company who can meet your every need. Sometimes off the shelf, standard colours won’t work, and you’ll require a product which is tailor made to suit your preferences. Custom-made pigment specialists should be able to provide a range of services such as:

1. A standard service which deals with customers who already have their own formula and just require a colour manufacturer. 
2. A service which helps customers to design and develop a unique product, custom-made to their requirements. 
3. Some customers require an upgrade on an already existing product, so they require a company that can help them improve on their own item. 

Exceptional Customer Service
When sourcing a developer, you must choose a company who provide excellent customer service, especially if you are going to be using them on a long-term basis. They should be available and accessible at all times to ensure they meet all of your needs. 

It is important to find a manufacturer who can deal with both small and large requests. If your business experiences growth, you’ll require a colour expert who is flexible with enough resources to meet your production demands. Pigment dispersion is a specialised industry, so you should do some research when selecting a supplier.