As a man or as a father, you know that your family’s safety is the number one priority. So, if you decided that a gun is needed in order to keep that priority, then you must ensure that that certain gun itself will not threaten your family’s safety. 

On a press report, a child is involved in an unintentional shooting every 36 hours on average. A movement that promotes to end gun violence called Everytown said that there are at least a hundred children who are killed due to unintentional shootings annually in America. That is 2 kids per week! Over 2/3 of such accidents could not happen if only gun owners would be more responsible in storing their guns.

So, if you do not want such tragedies to happen inside your home, then you must make sure that your firearms are stored properly and securely. It is vital to take the necessary precautions however you also need to be able to easily access and retrieve it in case of emergencies. 

Here are 5 key things to keep firearms secure at home:

1. Teach responsibility and safety
Gun owners should not be the only one to be responsible. For both adults and children, a gun can raise curiosity. That is why anyone who has a gun, especially those with children, should always keep on reminding everyone in the family the responsibility and safety of having a gun inside the house. 

Explaining to the members of your family the hazards of guns and teaching them the rules and responsibilities consistently can help clarify the issue.

2. Keep it unloaded
Gun owners are always advised to keep their guns unloaded until it is needed to be used. This is very important when storing a gun at home. Even if your gun falls into the wrong hands, say for example your 5-year-old kid, if you stored it unloaded, then it will help prevent injuries and accidents.

3. Lock ammunition separately from the gun
It is also a great idea to store your bullets away from your weapons. Just like how you store your guns unloaded, locking your ammunition away from the weapon will surely prevent any injuries or accidents since it will be useless without the ammunition.

4. Keep it locked
There are numerous devices out there to keep your weapons from being used by other people. These are mechanical safeties that are built into guns such as cable locks with long steel cable looped through the firearm’s action to block its operation and trigger locks that are fixed around the weapon’s trigger to lock it in place. 

However, any gun owner should not rely completely on such devices. Keep in mind that such devices can avoid the weapon from being fired or loaded but it will not prevent the gun from being stolen. So you may need to use it in a combination with a proper firearm storage.

5. Gun safes and lock boxes
When storing firearms, the safest way to hide it is inside a well-concealed gun safe or lockbox. This will avoid any unauthorized access to your weapons while ensuring that in case of emergencies, you will have quick access to it. While some gun owners prefer to keep their guns under the bed or inside the closet, children can be adventurous at times and might find hidden things well. So, if possible a hidden gun safe or lock box is necessary for safety.

Gun safes range from small safes to accommodate small collections of firearms to high-tech and large safes that offers advanced security details:

Gun Box
Gun Box is a type of storage for handguns. It only fits one handgun in a sledgehammer and kid-safe box that is so tough it will not be damaged even if it run over by a truck or you drop it from a height of fifteen feet.

Gun Vaults
Some gun vaults come with multiple biometric mechanisms to identify its user which varies in mounting options and sizes. 

Locking steel gun cabinets
These type of gun safe provides more storage capacity and options for internal configuration than other strong boxes and security cases. It has a simple lock mechanism and a thinner steel gauge that reduces its weight making it easier to be moved safely up and down by one or more people.

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