A famous philosopher Plato once said that music is a moral law which gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and charm to sadness. Music is a big part of everyone's life. It brings out various emotions, allows us to enjoy ourselves, and discover melodies that characterize us. Some people say that those who tend to get depressed do not listen to music. 

All one needs to get out of depression is to listen to your favorite song or the one that will make you move. When writing a music college essay, it is very important to mention the role of music in people's life. In this article we are going to emphasize the importance of music and how to apply it in your academic paper.
Fortunately, music is quite a wide topic. So you have a big field to play on discovering it. For example, you can explain what music is, how it helps you when you are feeling sad or depressed, how music affects people's live and mental state according to the researchers, etc. No matter what topic you choose, whether you discuss it in general or from your own point of view, there are some basic rules that you must stick to when creating an essay on music.
4 steps towards writing a successful music essay
How to start? This is the main problem students face when they get the task to write an essay on music. The best advice for any student is to do a research. Type the word music and review search results. Take a look at discussions and topics about music and see if you can relate to one. It will help you to focus on one area and develop the topic adding your experience, knowledge, and ideas. It will be very useful if you discover the history of music, types of music, musical instruments, and the most famous musical performances.
Once you have chosen the topic, introduce it to the readers and express your view. Depending on the type of essay gather necessary information and study it to provide a decent analysis and argument. In the introduction, explain the topic. It is professional to start an essay with a quote or definition.
Divide your music essay into three paragraphs and discuss different ideas. For example, you have taken the idea that music helps people to focus on work better. Prove that your idea is correct by giving real examples and information. Elaborate on this topic saying that music is a good motivator because it helps sad and discouraged people to feel cheered. Therefore, music is a good motivator for workers and students because it brings energy and gives incentive to focus on what they are doing.
The last paragraph of your essay should be persuasive. You must try to convince the readers that music is an irreplaceable part of people's life with clear benefits. Make a statement that music is not only for entertainment but also for the benefit of students, workers, people who suffer from depression and even sick people. Music delivers messages through lyrics. Therefore, people gain knowledge through music.
Music as an umbrella term
Now you can see clearly that music is a very wide topic covering numerous ideas. It has a lot of forms of expression and can be explained by very different meanings. It can enlighten you, take you back in time, and make you think of someone you love and care. Lonely people find comfort in music because music is a kind of story they listen to and live it. 

Some people think of music as of an art. Some explain music as a hobby, while for others it is a lifestyle. They cook, eat, clean the house, run, and travel listening to their favorite music. It is a universal language that brings people of different age, nationality, and culture together. That is why it has such a great power.
Music touches people. Therefore, it is very easy to change a state of mind with a certain melody. This is the main idea that you can use in your music essay, making it interesting and exciting.