With all that technology provides to the smartphone in our pocket or bag it might be surprising that gaming enthusiasts are not rushing to play the latest shoot 'em up but are in fact playing online bingo! 

But before we go into to the reasons why online bingo is so popular we must put to bed the perception that it seems almost every other country has of the UK bingo scene, which is one of middle aged to the more elderly (predominately women) coming together to play a few games of bingo in silence as they wait for the caller to call the numbers. 

It's true that we are a nation of bingo lovers and if you go back to the times when bingo was played in church halls to there being a commercial bingo hall in practically every town, the popularity of this social experience where you could have something to eat and drink whilst catching up with your friends has not diminished, although after the Smoking Act came into play the attendance in bingo halls was massively affected.

Today the bricks and mortar venues are targeting much younger players with themed bingo nights like party nights and fancy-dress nights where there are areas where people can sit and chat whilst enjoying their games and drinks. 

Sits like Swag Bingo fill a void that was left by the decreasing numbers of bingo halls and became increasing popular in a relatively short time. There are some that say that online bingo can actually be more sociable as you have no need to sit in silence meaning you can use the chat feature to catch up with your family and friends any time you want to. 

Another reason that online bingo has become so popular is that it's quick!  Playing online is automatic as you don’t have to mark off your numbers as they are called, in an online game the computer will automatically register your number as it is called. 
Of course, you are also in with the chance of a win and good quality sites like Swag Bingo offer great bonuses and promotional offers that you can take up when you want to. 

Bingo online is convenient for many people ticking a lot of boxes as they can enjoy some gaming action when and where they want, be in with a chance of a win and still have fun catching up with family and friends, and as more people turn to their smartphones to have a bet or wager it's not really surprising that bingo is one of the most popular games to play.