An insightful look at what will be the fate of the playboy mansion and what it represents now that Hugh Hefner is died, and Daren Metropoulos is the new owner

The man that occupied the playboy mansion had a vision, albeit that of lavish life, loud partying, hardcore entertainment and many other things. However, within the years he spent on earth, he went about trying to actualize that mission with everything that he had. 

The man named Hugh Hefner will be remembered by people for many things. It may be for his foray into the publishing and news world with the playboy magazine. It may be for his life with women and wine and parties. It may also be for the way he built and managed the brand till old age. Whatever you will remember the playboy master for, is actually something he did. But the question now that he is gone is what the fate of the mansion will be. 

About The Playboy Mansion
The playboy mansion is a huge edifice that occupies five-acre, 22,000-square-foot on the Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. This mansion was bought by the Playboy Enterprises for in $1.1 million dollars in 1971. However, in 2017, the mansion was sold to a 33 years old investor known as Metropoulos for $100 million. However, this was not without the condition that Hefner will still be the occupant of the playboy mansion under a rent of $1 million per year for life.

But now that he is dead and there will no longer be any playboy girls, the fate of the property is now up. The truth is that a lot is not known about what the mansion will turn into. But we know that Hefner’s family will not have any stakes in the mansion now that he is no longer here. So, it is under the discretion of the new owner to do whatever he wills with the mansion. However, against bet predictions, everybody started getting the indication that there may not be many changes when Metropoulos described the playboy mansion as “iconic property” and a “masterpiece in design.”

What Will Happen To the Playboy Mansion?
The playboy mansion, which was designed by Arthur R. Kelly, is of the "Gothic-Tudor" style. Hefner moved into this property in 1971 after it was acquired, leaving the original Playboy Mansion that was located in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood.  However, through the 45 years Hefner occupied and managed the mansion, he built a legacy of many sorts and carried them until his death. 

The playboy property itself has a design that many people marvel at. That may explain the reason why the new owner intends to restore the playboy mansion to its original state. He talked about how privileged he is to have the property now and how it represents arts and history in a very huge way. However, it would be noted that Daren Metropoulos had previously purchased the estate next to the playboy mansion. To this effect, he has said that he intends joining the playboy mansion and the estate besides it together. He said he intends to use it as his private home for the future. For him, Hefner represented resilience and vision in business, pop culture, and the media, and so his legacy deserves to be preserved.

For him, it was a privilege to have known Hefner, and he hopes the family finds the heart to bear his loss.