WordPress, the popular source of website development, has grown exponentially over the years. The web development industry continues to make positive strides forward through the advance of unique features in development. Where having a website was once a luxury, it is now necessary for survival in the demanding and competitive world of business. 

As website platforms release new and improved ways to deliver information to your customers, the need for WordPress developers is as strong as ever. High quality, skilled developers can be the determining factor in your business’ success. WordPress developer salary remains competitive throughout the world as businesses look to get the best work at the most affordable rates.
Businesses around the world have made the switch to WordPress website development because of the many advantages the popular content management system offers. Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has become the most popular choice for website development. It is a powerful tool used in over 74 million sites online to deliver products and information on businesses in all different industries. Originally designed as a platform to create blog websites, the popular CMS has transformed over the years. The addition of customizable plugins and tools has lead WordPress design to be the platform of choice for personal, professional, and high-traffic websites all over the world.

Advantages of WordPress Website Development
The advantages of using WordPress to create your personal or business website range from customization and ease-of-use to the ability to create a mobile and search engine friendly website. Although WordPress is a free platform, the theme customizations and complex plug-ins require professional web development services to ensure proper integration and usability. When you hire WordPress developer for your business website, you will benefit from a captivating, innovative design that can offer endless possibilities for your business and your clients.

The Need for Knowledgeable WordPress Developers Rises
During the first few years, WordPress was used primarily to create personal blog websites. As more users turned to WordPress for its manageability, flexibility, and one-click content publishing, the platform began to expand. WordPress templates grew in numbers and offered thousands of choices to those looking to develop a website. Many web developers began to offer services to small and medium businesses that expanded on WordPress theme development to include customized features, plug-ins, and design. WordPress plugin development continued to deliver new features as large, popular brands switched to WordPress websites for their business needs.

Web developers began to offer specific services for WordPress development. WordPress developers began to emerge in the web development industry, and the competition became intense. Today, WordPress jobs are in high demand and the industry offers competitive salaries all over the world. WordPress continues to evolve and improve as each WordPress development company looks for knowledge, talent and top-notch skills when they choose to hire a WordPress developer. With the open-source of WordPress, any WordPress developer can enhance the user experience by improving and altering the code to offer new features.

Top 10 Websites Built with WordPress

Many popular websites you visit daily have been created by WordPress developers. The most popular websites created with WordPress include:

The Wall Street Journal is a high traffic website that delivers important news information to people all over the world. Many popular news platforms and magazine companies use WordPress developers to publish and present content to viewers. Because it is SEO friendly, news and magazine companies can deliver quality news articles through WordPress websites. The addition of categories and tags can make it easier for readers to find content and drive more traffic to these websites. The Wall Street Journal uses the popular platform to deliver information on topics from politics to real estate. They even offer the options to become a subscriber, advertise with them, and recruit workers.

Forbes, a reliable business news and financial information magazine that provides a wide range of information from technology and communication to politics and law. Like the Wall Street Journal, WordPress offers Forbes the ability to deliver fresh, relevant content to viewers all over the world. Content hits the top of the search list through the SEO friendly platform. In addition to relevant information on many topics, Forbes offers many newsletters that viewers can subscribe to and an array of products from eBooks to permissions and licensing.

With thousands of themes available, bloggers can choose a creative design to captivate their audience. These websites are easy to manage, allow you to schedule posts, and can enhance the user experience through the addition of videos and multimedia. The popular TED blog is devoted to spreading ideas through short, powerful talks on all different topics in over 100 languages. Their WordPress website is as straightforward as it comes, offering information to viewers in a traditional format.

As the premier source for entertainment news, Variety is highly recognized throughout the world of show business. The website offers credible information, news, and analysis vital to entertainment professions. Their website is clean-looking and easy to navigate, highlighting the user-friendly benefit of working with WordPress

Another popular website created with WordPress are portfolio websites. Through these websites, professionals can offer information about their unique talents, experience, and certifications. Portfolios cover everything from art and music to cooking and writing. Even web developers and designers can use portfolio websites. For example, a freelance WordPress developer may create a portfolio to showcase the websites they have created and the customizations they are skilled in. LinkedIn allows users to create profiles that organize their work experience into an easy to read personal website that allows businesses to find potential employees and employees to find available job postings.

The popular National Football League is a brand that most people recognize. Their WordPress website delivers important information about their brand, creates captivating content to drive traffic, and even delivers an online shop to purchase NFL gear. With thousands of WordPress business themes, you can create a professional website that highlights your business and offers a great user-experience for your viewers. Layouts can be customized. When you hire a WordPress developer, you can create a unique business website that represents your brand.

eBay is used by millions to buy and sell goods. This online marketplace has created a platform for buyers and sellers to sell or purchase anything. With the obvious need for eCommerce solutions, WordPress created many digital store options that can help businesses and people make money online. With customizable plugins, websites can accept payment, manage inventory, and create a unique online experience to offer convenience to their customers.

Google Ventures operates independently from Google and provides funding to technology companies. As companies create their portfolio, Google Ventures works as a form of an online job board. Through the WordPress forum theme, community job boards can be created. Organize job categories, post jobs, and find jobs through your WordPress website. Added plug-ins can create unique options like the ability to accept subscribers and collect viewer information.

With over 28 million social media followers, Mashable is a unique multi-platform media and entertainment company. It essentially serves as an online community to share all kinds of information. Online communities offer information, insights, and the ability to add your own opinion to topics of your choice.

Even highly successful, popular technology businesses like IBM choose WordPress to deliver their online presence to customers all over the world. Knowing the importance of user experience, IBM created a WordPress website that offers information on products, services, and research and gives visitors the opportunity to purchase products online. To further drive traffic to their site, their “Latest News” page offers a wealth of knowledge to its audience.

From eCommerce websites to professional portfolios, WordPress developers can deliver unique, captivating designs that highlight what your business offers. With so many changes in the world of technology, businesses benefit from hiring a qualified, professional WordPress developer. As the number of programming languages to learn continues to increase, it’s best to find a web developer that focuses on WordPress development.

As with all web developer salary, outstaffing your development project can help you save money without cutting out quality. If you are looking for quality WordPress development from hard-working, dedicated professional developers, Ukraine is the best country to consider for both expertise and cost. With all the changes and advances in the WordPress platform, no wonder businesses all over the world choose WordPress to deliver the best online vision of their products and services.