Music instruments are not only costly but for most people, they hold high sentimental value. If you are planning to store your instruments safe in a storage unit, you need to ensure that you take all precautions necessary to prevent them from getting damaged. 

This process will not start when you bring your instruments to storage units Houston, rather it starts from your home when you are cleaning the instruments in preparation of storage. During preparation, you need to ensure that the strings are not tight but relaxed. For instruments such as guitars that have hollow spaces, consider using tissue paper on the body to prevent bugs and dust from collecting in the space during storage. Here are other important tips to help you store your instruments in storage units safely:

1. Store the instruments in cases
Before storing your music instruments in a storage unit, be sure to keep them in a custom case where they fit well. Check the condition of the case to ensure that it is good. If you do not have a case, consider wrapping the instrument in a blanket or towel to protect it from dust and bugs. If you own a violin, you may check out good quality cases on a violin shop online or visit a music store near you. 

2. Place the instrument away from the floor and the door
Avoid placing music instruments on the floor or near the door. Rather, place them on pallets or shelves securely. Also, avoid placing other items on the instruments even though they are placed on a hard case. This is because in most instances, the case may not be strong enough to hold extra weight for extended periods of times. This applies to instruments such as piano because extra weight can cause their surface to crack. Also important to note is not to place music instruments on the floor. This is because you are likely to forget they are then, which can lead to damage when the door is open.

3. Store music instruments in climate controlled units
Consider storing your music instruments in a climate controlled unit to prevent them from getting damaged by factors such as humidity. If you are not able to get a unit with climate control, store the instruments in a polyethylene bag to control humidity. Do this even where the instrument has a case. Where you have climate control in your unit, set temperatures at 50 to 80 degrees and keep humidity down. If you live in a region where humidity is high, consider installing a dehumidifier in your unit as an addition cause to prevent damage of string and drum instruments, which are highly sensitive to humidity. 

4. Store your instruments in different sections
If you are storing different instruments like string and woodwind instruments, you are better off having separate sections to ensure their joints remain intact. Also, for instruments such as clarinets, flutes and saxophones, put tissue paper in between the pads to prevent accumulation of dust and. When you retrieve them, clean them with a vacuum or soft cloth before use.