2017 is the year when there were plenty of killer video games launched. Whether you love to play video games or not, they are an integral part of the culture. Playing the video games with the other people are the best source of entertainment and having the fun. They can, in fact, be utilized as the right alternative for passing the time and in fact a useful entertainment channel for all the age groups. 

1. Hitman

It has a simple setup but it has an unusual complexity. You can enter the level and remove the target in any way which may fit. In fact, whether you’re at a Paris Fashion show or at Moroccan embassy, you can explore and exploit them. You can have many challenges and collection of Pinnacle series. The main story revolves around the assassinations where there is a tip of iceberg, repeatable escalations and there are a lot of elusive targets and challenges. 

Suitable for the Age Group – It can be suitable for people who like playing the dress up games, classic spy movies, meticulous folks who like hatching a plan. 

Not Suitable for Other Age Groups- Hitman has an element of but both of its own things. 

2. Doom

Doom is the video game in which the pedal to the floor within minutes. The shotgunning devil imps break the monster jaws.  The surprising thing is the development of hellchild and exploring different levels and clearing the enemies. This can be helpful in encouraging the foes and zero hesitation. It helps in re-exploring the ways and relentlessly has a good time. 

Suitable for Age Groups- It can have the series of action games along with doom fans.
Not Suitable for Other Age Groups- Uncomfortable with blood and gore, who like demons and thus preferring them alone.

3. League of Legends

In this game team starts at the opposing sides in the form of the fountain often refer as “Nexus”. Match is won if the other team surrenders. In order to destroy the Nexus, each team must be work through turrets which is called as the lane. In the game, minions and other monsters are killed to reach to the next level. You can easily create the league of legends in the game store. Completing the objectives help in earning the gold is used to purchase the items. So you can explore the new levels and win the rewards and get many points for it or items to purchase. 

Suitable for the Ages Groups- People who love online fantasy warfare games
Not Suitable for Age Groups- Not suitable for small children as they get addicted

4. Undertale

It looks like a retro-style video game and usually based on the forward thinking.  If in this game human stuck in the world of the monsters then in order to win, you should have clever interactions. It keeps track of everything and often expresses the attention in surprising ways. In this game, there are many hidden treasures which you have to discover as the players. It can be very warm and funny game.  

Suitable for the Age Groups- Fans of subvert expectations, lovers of smart video games, people who feel the loneliness.
Not suitable for the Age Groups- Those who aren’t fond of reading, people who hate boss battles.

5.  The Witcher 3

This is the video game which is best loved by the adventure lovers. It has the plenty of activities to explore them. There are sprawling landscapes, cranky and interesting characters, clever writing and many rewards for the curious players.  The story plot of the video game is thrilling, emotionally draining and side quests.  It has plenty of free updates having the improvements with the terrific expansions-Heart of Stone, Blood, and Wine. The best thing about this game is experience is bigger and better than before.

Suitable for the Age Groups- Open World fans can enjoy this game the most. Fighting is as very much enjoyable as exploration. 
Not suitable for the Age Groups-This game is best for the people who are socialized and have time for the life.  The people who want to play this game can complete this in quick time. 

The Bottom Line

Technology changes every day and there are new updates, features, animation invented every day especially in the video games. These are some of the most popular video games you must play in 2017. Download the games according to the interest explained in the post and start playing them to get involved and have the fun.