Have you always wondered how to get access to the US Netflix library while living in U.K? We will tell you how you can do that.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a leading subscription service for watching movies and TV shows on your desktop or any electronic device. The video streaming giant has gained a rampant success among the audience because it lets them stream their favorite content without any hassle. Due to its popularity, Netflix has been expanded to a large number of countries. Fresh content is continuously added to its library for the users, however, the content is not the same everywhere.

Netflix streams different TV shows and movies in different countries. The libraries of US, U.K, and Canada are quite different from one another, therefore users living in U.K cannot stream the Netflix library of US, thus missing out on great TV shows and movies that are only accessible in the US library.

How Netflix Works

A free VPN such as FalcoVPN can help you stream the Netflix US library. We’ll explain you how. There is a technique to gain access to the US library. To be able to stream the US library, you first need to understand the way Netflix actually works. While you open Netflix, it instantly checks your location and then identifies your country. So when your IP address tells that you’re based in US, you will be shown the US library and if you’re found to be in the UK, you will be shown the UK library. Therefore, to get around this problem, you can seek help from a free VPN.

Stream Netflix with a Free VPN

A virtual private network or most commonly known as VPN helps you stream content from any part of the world by acting like a secure tunnel between your internet connection and your electronic device. It hides your IP address and keeps you anonymous on the internet, keeping your online activity hidden. It blocks the geographical restrictions, thus making it possible for you to stream the US library while living in U.K.

Though using a VPN service is considered completely legal, Netflix keeps on blocking their use and also cracks down on VPN services and other proxies. However, fortunately, there are still some VPN services out there that can still help you stream the US Netflix library.

We have mentioned three simple steps below that can help you stream US Netflix with the help of a VPN (remember, it’s important to have an account on US Netflix before you can seek help from a VPN):

1.       Download and install one of the best and fastest VPN that supports Netflix
2.       Select one of that VPN’s US server locations
3.       Log in to your existing US Netflix account to stream your favorite videos

A free VPN helps you watch your favorite content at a very fast speed. Once you have installed a VPN service on your computer or electronic device, all you need to do is open Netflix and then choose the US as your country from the list. After a few seconds, you will be connected to the US Netflix and will be able to stream the videos which you could not access from the UK Netflix.