Think you've got what it takes to be a Disney employee? Think again. Here are some facts about what they do and what they have to do while keeping those smiles up at the happiest place on Earth. Check it out:

Costumes are the same for specific characters, so actors must be a certain size and height.

When asked about other movies or non-Disney things, cast members will act like they have no idea what you’re talking about.

Disney employees are not allowed to point using one finger. They point with either two fingers or their whole hand.

No unconventional colors, shapes, or visible logos on eyewear.

Next time you’re at Disneyland, take a look around. The place is spotless. Every employee including the princesses pick up any trash they see.

Visible tattoos are not allowed.

You’ll never see a last name at Disneyland.

Cast members have restrictions on hair style, color, and facial hair.

Cast members use code words to keep everything clean. A vomiting incident is known as a “code V.”

All employees must refer to other employees as cast members at all times.

You will never hear an employee say the phrase, “I don’t know.”

To ensure all characters’ signatures look alike, every cast member must complete signature training.

Women’s nails cannot be longer than a quarter inch past the fingertip and cannot be painted.

Cast members are not allowed to disclose anything about their jobs on social media.