When was the last time you went outside for a long walk? How about going for a hike, when was the last time you did that? With the development of new technologies and online communications, we seem to have forgotten about the great outdoors.

We don’t go outside that much and we don’t enjoy the pure joy Mother Nature has to offer. Still, it’s not too late to change and the solution is simple: we need to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and the energy boost a quick hike can bring. You don’t like hiking? That’s fine; there are other ways to enjoy the great outdoors. For instance, you could start jogging, climbing mountains, or, if you want something a bit more extreme, hunting.

Actually, hunting is not as extreme as you might think. Our ancestors didn’t hunt for sport, they hunt to put food on the table and this is one of the reasons why the practice is hardwired in our brains. We are all hunters (more or less) and it’s a proven fact that, in our days, hunting can have great benefits when it comes to health.

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/rifle-hunting-hunter-backpack-81661/

Mental health benefits

Even though it may sound weird, hunting is an activity that allows the mind to relax and reduces the level of stress. A recent study performed by the Royal Society’s British Letters shows that men are the ones who benefit the most out of this sport. The thrill of the hunt and the amazing satisfaction of actually catching the prey, help release an increased amount of testosterone. This helps increase the level of another hormone, called oxytocin, which is known to help with our general happiness. So, in conclusion, a day in the woods, hunting, will definitely help you get rid of all that stress you gathered in the office during the last few months.

Physical health benefits

Hunting means being on full alert all day long - you must be ready to take the shot at the right moment otherwise the opportunity is lost. This also means you will get to walk/run through the woods, searching for the best spot for your next shot. Your muscles will be tense and the level of adrenaline will be up the whole time you are holding the gun.

Sounds great up until now, right? Well, it is great, but public hunting places are usually crawling with hunters trying to get that shot before you do, and this can be utterly frustrating. To make sure no one messes with your great times in the outdoors, the best solution is to rent your own piece of hunting land. There are many landowners who practice this type of renting during hunting season, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some peace and quiet with your own thoughts.

As you can see, hunting is a fantastic way to get rid of stress and it also helps you get in shape and stay fit. Even more, it is one of those sports that you will never get bored with as it will always offer satisfaction and unexpected situations. It’s also a great way to get reacquainted with nature and remember how great it is to actually go outside and enjoy it.