You'd think fake and half-past-six attempts at making mascot costumes were only to be found at that Philippines resort, but one recent mini 'Disney' carnival in Kota Bharu attempted to do the same, with similar shocking results.

Organized by Grand Riverview Hotel, photos of their Mini Disney Carnival were shared on Imgur.

Someone needs to feed Donald Duck fast before he dies of anorexia.

And okay, what is Barney doing there?

Mickey and Minnie might have some #relationshipgoals going on to lose a lot of weight.

And then, someone got confused thinking Spongebob was a part of Disney.

And this faux pas of Darth Vader holding a green lightsaber.

And quite possibly..the worst ever Stormtrooper costume. Are those nipples?

Seems like they didn't put a lot of effort in it.

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