Another day, another hot Instagram model discovered? Well, apparently, not according to this guy. Not every hot person on Instagram is a model or fitness trainer. Tag The Sponsor is a website with a goal to expose these 'models' as escorts.

According to the site's description:

“All of a sudden, there is a surge of women with small waists and disproportionate butts that have 50k + followers on Instagram, with booking info in their bios. The problem here is that these sponsorettes put on a facade that they are signed models, fitness chicks, bartenders, real estate agents, marketing executives, or some obscure form of employment.”

We are against fraudulent hoes, pretentiousness, and bigotry. We look down upon and expose hoes that pretend they built their accomplishments by working hard and not laying on their backs.”

They expose the escorts by posing as Arab sheikhs and leave comments on suspected escort Instagram accounts. Check it out:


This is how she looks like:


There's a ton more on their site.