Life is full of challenges. So to avoid the usual mistakes many people have done before, heed out some of these advice. It could make all the difference.

1. When you become rich, don't blow your money all away. Invest.

Don't blow it all away on unnecessary stuff.

2. If you ride a bike, don't stop in a driver's blind spot.

People in cars can't see everything behind them. Be careful.

3. Don't flip the bird while driving.

Don't want to be a victim of road rage? Don't do it. As a matter of fact, don't do it at all.

4. Elevate someone's head if they have a concussion so the fluid doesn't build up in their brain.

Just 20-30 degrees will do. Don't move the injured, you may do more damage.

5. Don't turn your back away on someone with a gun.

Eye contact makes it harder for anyone to shoot.

6. Look left, right, and then do it again while crossing the road.

Never assume crossing the road is safe.

7. Breathe through your nose while out in the wild.

Aside from insects flying in, breathing from your mouth expends more energy.

8. Don't simply eat stuff you find in the forest.

You never know if they are poisonous.

9. Don't remove sharp objects from a wound unless it is blocking the airway.

You don't want them bleeding out!

10. Don't eat snow if you are at risk of hypothermia.

Bad idea here. You'll lose too much heat while attempting to melt snow in your body.

11. Don't inflate a lifejacket inside a plane.

You'll find it hard to move about once inflated. Only do this when you are in the water.

12. Don't text and walk.

This is the least troublesome thing that can happen to you.

13. Keep money in shoes / shoe laces while running.

So you don't have to bring a wallet and risk getting robbed of it.

14. Don't drive sleepy.

It is the same as driving drunk.

15. Learn how to CPR

The proper CPR way can mean the difference in saving a life.

16. Keep physical copies of emergency contacts in your wallet.

If your phone has a lock, people won't be able to access it. Keep a copy in your wallet for people to call them in case you aren't able to.