We've posted about the different types of handshakes before and the importance of how one can make all the difference when you meet or greet someone. It tells a lot about your personality. But are handshakes the best way to greet someone? Let's fistbump from now on, because it is simply better. Here are 10 reasons to do it:

1. The obvious: it is more hygienic

Where have your hands been? That's the million dollar question. The cleaner and better solution: fistbump.

2. It won't hurt

Some people handshake like they want to kill your hand. It's like the standard of being a human being is tested on how incredibly and ridiculously tight your handshake is. A fistbump won't hurt and you avoid all unnecessary awkwardness.

3. It won't be clammy

Clammy hands are the worst. You have to wipe your hands after. Or worse, get judged on how clammy your hands are.

What did I just touch?

This is horrible!

4. There's an immediate understanding when fistbumps happen.

You get the nod when it happens. You don't even have to look at each other.

5. Knocking knuckles is a very manly thing to do

How manly are handshakes exactly? Not as manly as fistbumps.

6. It's a cooler way to say, "Nice to meet you"

And you can multitask while doing it too.

7. It's like a high-five and a handshake combined into one

What just happened?

Awesome happened.

8. It is over in a second.

A typical handshake takes 2-5 seconds. Fistbumps are so fast, they are extremely limited in human contact.

Handshakes take longer. Then the stares, smiles, and whatnot slowly become awkward..

9. It has more than one purpose.

Seeing something awesome happen.

Greeting a stranger.

Getting approval.


10. People can't read you from your fistbump.

Unlike a handshake, you can't tell much from a fistbump. So if you want to remain a mystery, just fistbump.

But sadly, while everyone loves to fistbump, not everyone gets fistbumped.

And not everybody gets it.