These may not be the weirdest sex fetishes ever, but they are still quite weird nevertheless. You've also probably not heard of them just yet too, since the names of the fetishes itself are quite difficult to remember. Check it out:

Agalmatophilia: Being attracted to mannequins

Ursusagalmatophilia: a fetish for teddy bears

Gas pedal honeys: a fetish for high heels on gas pedals

Salirophilia: getting dirty. Literally.

Paraphilic infantilism: pretending to be an infant

Hybristophilia: being attracted to criminals serving time for horific crimes.

Hemtolagnia: the blood drinking fetish.

Mechanophilia: robot sex.

Claustrophilia: the opposite of claustrophobia.

Odaxelagnia: biting is a turn on.

Dacryphilia: being turned on by tears.

Mask fetish: Masks.

Autoandrophilia: a fetish for boyish-looking girls, or girls acting manly

Acrotomophilia: being turned on by amputees.

Somnophilia: people who like to watch their partners sleep.