Many ciphers have been solved before. This one here is a pretty complex one and requires a bit of thinking around it. We don't know the answers ourselves, but we're sure as heck curious to know.

This challenge is as follows:

Decipher what's inside the crypto texts below and send your answers to this email.

Click below to reveal the crypto texts.



Are there any resources that could help me on this?

The cipher text above was encrypted using military-grade AES256 encryption. You can learn a quick 5-minute primer on it in this article we posted earlier.

Quick tips:

1. We know for sure that "--##--" in the text are just comment markers or line breakers, so you can skip that.
2. You'll need to discover the secret key for this to fully crack the entire message.
3. We're guessing here: the numbers in the cipher text may represent spacing in a message, but really, without the secret key, we're just shooting blindly here.
4. If you see someone sharing this and you know the answer to it, do not reply them with the answer, because you could be RM100,000 richer.

Rules & regulations

1. This challenge is open to all Malaysians and Singaporeans to participate
2. Participant must decipher ALL the 3 encrypted messages correctly to be considered as a winner
3. Participant will need to provide their email address and contact number upon submission
4. Participant will need to submit ALL answers latest by 17th Sept 2015 at 12.00pm. Any late submissions will not be entertained
5. Participant to email the answers to
6. Organizers will only contact participants with the correct answers
7. Participants who successfully deciphered the messages will be requested to do a demonstration to the organizers on the way the messages were deciphered.
8. Submissions from participants who are related directly or indirectly to the organizer and the rest of the team will be disqualified