With friends like these, you don't need enemies. Here are 13 reasons you should never get passed-out-drunk, for the very reason you don't want to look like this when you wake up.

1. When your friends decide to draw a masterpiece on your body.

2. When they draw this on your face.

3. Or make it look like you were just taken down by minifigs.

4. You've got to applaud this, seriously. It probably wasn't easy.

5. Stacking things on you. Lots of them.

6. Drawing a unicorn tattoo on your back.

7. Giving you a whole new look, including clothes.

8. Modifying your tattoo.

9. Making you look like this:

10. This probably took a very long time.

11. Why so serious??

12. Making you look like a character in Alice in Wonderland.

13. Crucifying you?