Star Wars memes are great. And really too funny at times. Here are some of the best 17 around. Check them out after the jump. May the force of the puns be strong with you.

1. Yoda doesn't like how he looked like when he was younger.

2. Things you don't do when you hold a dangerous weapon.

3. Because stuff like this can happen.

4. For giving us Jar-Jar Binks.

5. Guess you shouldn't really whine about the small stuff.

6. Michael Jackson reference.

7. Worst cosplay ever?

8. CSI Miami.

9. R2 should wear a name tag.

10. Ready the lens flare, guys.

11. Toast joke.

12. Grumpy cat wins.

13. This play of words.

14. Getting help from social media.

15. The reason we don't know what R2 says all the time.

16. Han Solo's Hair Salon.

17. Alderaan reference.