Nobody likes a cheater in real life. But thanks to the magic of television, even the most promiscous characters can come across as relatable or even lovable to their viewers.

Despite their sleazy behavior, these characters still play an important role by reminding audiences on how cheating may seem tempting, but such actions will almost always have the same outcome: a world of heartbreak. Here are the top 10 television characters who became famous for their philandering ways.
Tony Soprano – The Sopranos

Played by the late James Gandolfini, this married mafia mob boss was charming, romantic and able to seduce just about any woman he wanted. But you definitely wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

Roz Doyle – Frasier

Played by Peri Gilpin, this beautiful-but-tough producer for the Dr. Frasier Crane radio show is proud of her promiscuous tendencies. When not having one night stands, she indulges in several flings with other characters which include "Bulldog" Bob Briscoe and even with Frasier himself.

Joey Tribbiani – Friends

Joey Tribbiani might seem like a knucklehead, but the ladies can't seem to get enough of his smooth ways. Charming, handsome and extremely promiscuous, Joey has dated several woman throughout the series and had many one night stands.
Edna Krabappel – The Simpsons

Edna Krabappel might be teaching third grade, but she can also be sexy and very charming once the school bell rings. She's dated many men in Springfield including, Principal Skinner, Comic Book Guy, Moe, Lenny and Carl. When she finallys settled down, she ended up with none other than goody two-shoes Ned Flanders.
Sam Malone – Cheers

As the main character in the the '80s NBC series, Malone just can't seem to help himself from flirting with every woman that comes through the bar. The closest thing he had to a relationship was with Diana Chambers. Their on-again, off-again relationship would eventually pave the way for similar relationships in other hit shows.
Blanche Devereaux - The Golden Girls

This massively successful series centered around four older friends living together in Miami as roommates. Rue McClanahan played Blanche Devereaux, a middle-age widow who attempted to find love again by sleeping with as many conquests as she can.
Charlie Harper – Two and a Half Men

This show is the perfect case of art imitating life. Sheen received universal praise for basically playing himself, which led him to being nominated several times at the Prime time Emmy awards for Outstanding lead actor in a comedy.
Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother

Played by Neil Patrick Harris, Barney was the epitome of the eternal bachelor looking for the next big score. In one episode, he even attempted to achieve the record of sleeping with nearly 200 women. His attempts at staying faithful just never seemed to work out, but we love him just the same.
Don Draper – Mad Men

Portrayed by Jon Hamm, this list just wouldn't be complete without one of the most notorious womanizers of all time. Handsome and charming, this twice-married character simply can't resist his one night stands and sexual encounters with prostitutes.
Samantha Jones – Sex and The City

Played by Kim Catrall, there's no denying that Samantha Jones is the queenbee of HBO’s Sex and The City. This confident "try-sexual" will try anything (and anyone) at least once.