The difference in lapels can make a suit stand out in more ways than you can imagine. If you're out looking for a suit, always notice the lapels. Here are 3 types every guy should know about:

1. Notch Lapel

Where to wear it: This is your everyday suit, and you can wear it to just about anywhere.

Body Type: Suitable for all body types.

Type of Suit: Ideal for single-breasted suits, blazers and sports coats.

2. Peak Lapel

Where to wear it: Weddings, events, and more.

Body Type: The peak lapel creates an elongating effect by moving the eyes upwards towards the shoulders to create the illusion of a taller frame.

Type of Suit: Double-breasted and single-breasted suits.

3. Shawl Lapel

Setting / Occasion: Black tie events, red carpet galas and weddings.

Body Type: Not recommended for round faces or bodies as it could accentuate those features.

Type of Suit: Ideal for tuxedos.