Jesper Anhede, a travel photographer, went to Pemba Island of the coast of Tanzania to start a surf school with a friend at The Manta Resort.

But he landed an even bigger challenge, which was to photograph the resort's underwater hotel room - the first of its kind in Africa - anchored over 13 feet deep in the Indian Ocean. The photoshoot took Anhede two weeks to complete.

"You have to take the photos at exactly the best time, considering water clarity, angle of the sun, strength of the sun, when are there the most fish around, currents, tides, wind, and waves." Anhede explained.

Despite the challenges, Anhede made some amazing shots of the three-tiered underwater suite.

"Sleeping in the room is a fantastic experience," Anhede wrote. "But sleeping on the sky deck of the room under the clearly visible Milky Way is almost even more fantastic. Two other things that really stuck out were swimming around the underwater room during the night, when there is phosphorus that lights everything up, and taking a dive first thing in the morning and hearing the dolphins chatter."

The room costs $900 a night as a single or $1,500 a night as a couple, and it sure sounds like an amazing experience.