Thinking of having a kid? It's much more than just bringing another human being into the world. That extremely demanding, always temperamental new roommate will change every aspect of your life. You might even go insane from sleep deprivation.

This ad here for Coke's natural Argentine concoction gets past all that cutesy baby talk and highlights some of the uglier parenting realities, making you wonder why have humans kept on making more humans.

"Having children is not just life's most important moment, but the ultimate test to connecting with your best side," says Santo executive creative director Sebastian Wilhelm. "Coke Life is a new kind of Coke. We're just starting to build this brand, setting up its world, its tone of voice. We were aiming for 'emotional comedy' [with this ad]. The kind that makes you smile and weep at the same time."

Made by Santo Buenos Aires and directed by Pucho Mentasti, watch how the spot illustrates the cumulative effect of all the chaos transforming into love and joy. After all, there must be a reason why humans have endured suffering like this over and over again. The probable answer is amnesia.