The brand new age of advertising is upon us, as ghetto-classy label Juicy Couture has announced it will be starting an advertising/marketing/something campaign on Snapchat as a way to reach out to their teen target audience.

Fashionista reports:
While other brands, like NARS and Rebecca Minkoff, have used Snapchat to release behind-the-scenes images in the past, Juicy Couture is using the technology a bit differently. Recently, Snapchat added a feature they call “Snapchat Stories,” allowing users to add snaps together, creating a “story” from their snaps. These “stories” live for 24 hours, rather than disappearing as soon as the recipient views them.

“We will be the first fashion brand to use Snapchat stories to release our campaign firsthand,” Michelle Ryan, Juicy Couture’s vice president of global digital and social strategy, tells Fashionista. “With Snapchat stories and the ability to keep ‘snaps’ for a full 24 hours, we saw the opportunity to give a true behind-the-scenes view.”
The 2014 campaign will star models Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Emily DiDonato. The idea is to get people interested in signing up for @JuicyCoutureLA  to see "exclusive Snapchat images" from both the shoot and behind the scenes before it quickly disappears. It already sounds like the perfect campaign for teens with super-short attention spans.