Researchers are currently working on a project which examines the DNA of thousands of babies, that involves mapping out their DNA to pinpoint possible health risks. This could become a routine part of newborn care.

Unlike other tests, this method can get pretty specific, such as discovering if your newborn baby is genetically predisposed to heart disease or certain types of cancer. The first round of trials will take place outside Washington, before expanding to cities around the country.

Since every newborn kid on this planet comes with a genetic mix inherited from both sides of their family, it's hard to determine exactly what diseases they're going to get. With this new technology, parents will soon be able to find out which of the diseases and conditions affects their child.

Of course, knowing too much, too soon could lead to a lot of unnecessary worrying. Imagine how differently parents would raise kids with this kind of knowledge constantly looming overhead? But then again, knowing the details in advance could also make these health obstacles easier to deal with.

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