Say goodbye to Katy Perry's goodies. Now that the singer is approaching 30, she revealed she'll be retiring her half-naked and half-dressed costumes real soon in order to embrace the next stage of her singing career.

During an interview with London’s Captial FM, Katy said that while she admires other, younger stars for their scantily performances, she just can't "pull that off anymore."
Maybe I’m just getting a little bit older … as you get older you realize, ‘Oh, I don’t know if I can pull that off anymore.’  I mean, if I had Rihanna’s body, I would wear everything that Rihanna wears because she looks fabulous in all of it. But I think I want to keep the attention on my music. ... I don’t want to abuse anyone’s attention when I get it. Because I know you only have it from people for a matter of minutes, and then you have to move on. So it’s important for me to keep it about the music.
Not sure about the self-deprecating remark about her body not being like Rihanna's, because we all know full well that Katy's body is to die for. Or maybe this is all John Mayer's doing, because he wants to have her all to himself.

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