Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother may be the sappiest guy when it comes to looking for love in a TV series, but he might also be a slut.

Vulture draws our attention to this Daily Beast video (below) recapping all the women Ted Mosby has dated on How I Met Your Mother.

And there are a lot of things we can learn from Ted. Let's make a list:

1. Don't be so desperate. Because being desperate makes you do things you don't mean and might regret. Women can also smell desperados a mile away.

2. Don't be a douche - Ted is so douchey, he thinks he's the perfect man. Nobody is.

3. Don't commit to someone if you're not going to commit - Ted breaks up with his long distance girlfriend even after professing his long love for her.

4. Don't always be wanting to fall in love - Ted's never-ending journey is just somewhat annoying.

5. Don't be self-righteous like Ted - This is a no brainer. No one loves a "Ted". Except maybe, Ted's wife who's finally appearing in the ninth season.

The fact is, Ted is exactly the kind of person you never want to date. He's insecure. He's clingy. He's annoying. He's self righteous. He pines for exes. He's desperate. He's all the things you don't want in a man.

It would, however, be interesting to see how Ted's wife gets written into the show. And since we've already come this far, we guess we'll just have to weather it out. With a yellow umbrella.

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