We're all familiar with our phone's snooze button. Just one click and it's done. Sometimes you could even click the wrong button and your alarm is completely disabled, leaving you very very late for work.

But what if you had to put a little more effort into snoozing your alarm? Like shaking it as if you're mixing a drink.

That's what Wake N Shake aims to do. The alarm-clock app is designed to get your blood pumping. Once the alarm goes off, you have to rattle your phone until the "shake meter" fills up - or else it resets. The meter takes awhile to load, depending on the difficulty level you set before you went to sleep. The higher the level, the more vigorous your shakes have to be to shut off the alarm.

For $1.99, Wake N Shake is optimized for iPhone but works on Android too, apparently. The app also keeps track of the number of days in a row you managed to wake up by awarding achievements, including a "hat trick" for three straight days and "shake domination" for 10 days of success.