It's Fashion Week in New York now, and an anonymous model recently told Cosmo's Carly Cardellino some backstage horror stories that prompted her to drop out of the Fashion Week race. Why? Her skin launched a full scale rebellion to makeup and hairspray.
The hardest part of fashion week for me though was when I sat in the hair and makeup chair. My skin is sensitive and I’d breakout almost immediately after they’d apply foundation. It actually got so bad that I started carrying around my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation to each show, asking the makeup artists to use that instead, or else my face would start to burn and I’d get an inflamed rash all over. And — ready for this? — makeup artists set the makeup with hairspray (yes, they spray hairspray in your face), which didn't help matters! So basically, my skin never had a chance to calm down because the next day, the layers-of-foundation plus hairspray would go on. And on. And on.