Bathing, shaving, combing, makeup, dressing up... rinse and repeat. Being a modern day woman takes a lot of work. And this song by musician Siwan Clark aptly titled "The Armpit Song" is an ode to all women out there who are "sick of of being hassled into getting vajazzled." Lyrics included below so that we can all sing this when we get up in the morning.
It seems like every time I open a magazine
There's something else I should be doing
And I'm spending so much time in the mirror
Trying to look normal and it's exhausting.

And I don't even think we've seen the worst,
I sometimes think I could take on the world but first...

Oh my God, my eyebrows need plucking
And oh my God, my legs need shaving
And my pores need cleansing and my skin needs toning
And my boobs need padding and my hair needs combing and
Oh my God, I know a girl who shaves her arms.
She's got arm stubble, we're really in trouble.

Has my make-up run? Is my hair undone?