We're no stranger to Facebook. It governs pretty much a chunk of our lives. Living in this modern world is, sadly, highly dependent on social media. While there are still some untainted souls out there who stay clear of it, or use it minimally, the rest of us are hooked.

This visualization by graphic designer Shimi Cohen reminds us of how our social network of people can make you feel more lonely.

"The Invention of Being Lonely" was inspired by Cohen's personal place. "Like many others, I became addicted to socializing through my phone and social media. This started to bother me and intrigue me at the same time."

Cohen avoided using faces and complicated forms, instead sticking to four colors and geometric shapes to keep it as "minimized and focused" as possible. "There’s something about simplicity, I think, that makes the message stronger," says Cohen.

"We collect friends like stamps," he says in the video narration, "sacrificing quality for quantity." But despite this video commentary, he says that he’s not bashing Facebook: "I am not against social media." On the contrary, he says, "I think it has many beneficial aspects and is a huge step toward creating a more global community. But--and here’s the thing--because all of those benefits, we tend to forget or ignore some of the downfalls of this media, which in fact hurt us as along the way."