The older we get the more people we know are ready for marriage. It's all romantic, but how do you make your proposal stand out amongst the many many many many many epic ones that have gone viral?

Well here's a story of a man who wrote and illustrated a children's book, planted it in a library, and had his girlfriend "stumble across it". She read it to him, and he proposed, all while a hidden photographer captured the entire thing.

Here's the full story the to-be-groom posted:
A Tall Tale

There once was a gorilla That fell for a giraffe. She surprised him by how much She could make him laugh.

The two, you see, Were from different worlds Their first date, so nervous,
He’d certainly hurl.

In spite of their differences,
It was love at first sight. His feelings grew quickly, His heart took to flight.

The gorilla, his life, Unpolished and scattered Now refined and focused On those things that matter.

There were simply no words For how lucky he’d gotten. Without her by his side Life would surely be rotten.

It’s hard to believe Just how happy they were. He could not imagine Even one day without her.

So he got on one knee And uttered the plea: “My dearest giraffe, Will you marry me?”

He felt his heart beating Right out of his chest. He could do nothing but wait And hope she’d say YES.

When she finally answered He could not stop grinning Because he knew, in his heart, This was just The Beginning!
In a comment on Reddit, he says it worked well because he was going to wine and dine her. So they made the library stop just before dinner to return some books he rented from the library earlier that week.