It feels like yesterday when the world was struck by "minion fever," - those little cylinder-shaped, mischievous characters from the animated film Despicable Me 2. The official toys would soon be flying off the shelves at toy stores all around the world.

When McDonald's decided to offer these minions as part of their Happy Meal promo, things got more than a little out of hand. Guess the fast-food chain didn't take into account that some fans take their minion collection way too seriously. But why?! Why minions, and why now? What about these yellow things are so striking that it stirs out the inner warrior in people?

Even our Singaporean neighbours were struck by minion fever:

Here's what some of those who waited in line did to pass the time:

But once those doors finally opened, Malaysian mentality quickly took over:

Some "adults" were even reduced to fighting with staff just to get their hands on these plastic figurines:

What's really infuriating is that there were reports that some customers were chucking away their Happy Meals as soon as they got their hands on the toys. What a waste. Fortunately, a group of inspired youths from Creative Juice Kuala Lumpur decided to set up a campaign to get people to donate those unwanted meals to the needy.

The minion madness didn't end there. When the free minion toys were official sold out, it didn't take long for internet dealers to auction the toys off on ebay at ridiculously high prices.

WTF! Seriously, WTF! Who would have thought that these yellow figurines could easily bring out the despicable side in people?  While the toys are definitely cute, we just can't fanthom how owning a bunch of plastic (that was probably made in China) is worth all this trouble. Is it the thrill of getting something for cheap? Or was the movie was really THAT inspiring that people felt the need to adopt the minions?

It's not like you couldn't get these toys from the stores - we're talking official plush toys - toys you can cuddle with or decorate your *shudder* bed with. We won't judge you for being a 25-year old minion hugger.

Now that the minion craze is over, what do you think the next insane Happy Meal toy fiasco will be?