These tips were featured in a 12-page condom guide from Cosmopolitan magazine's September issue. One sidebar on the condom spread recommends "sexy" ways for a woman to put a condom on a man's penis using tacky names like "The Mouth Master," The Slick Rick," "The Breast Remedy," "The Move,"  "A View," and finally "The Footsie Roll."

That final move basically requires a woman to put a condom on the tip of a penis with her hands, before repositioning herself so that she can roll the rubber down with her toes.

Don't get us wrong, promoting condoms are a good thing, but there are many reasons why you should never put your nasty-ass feet on their junk:
  •     Sharp toenails
  •     Athlete's foot
  •     Toenail fungus
  •     Blisters
  •     Calluses
  •     Cracked heels