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In any job interview, you should be prepared to talk about money. Here's our guide to discussing salary requirements with your potential employer.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 20, 2021 21:16
Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be an overwhelming experience for anybody. Grief can be overbearing and a real challenge. A piece of advice for anyone going through this difficult time is to choose to celebrate the times and memories you shared compared.   Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 17, 2021 17:51
It’s impossible to overstate how important proper sleep is to every area of your life. From your performance at work to maintaining personal relationships, your quality of slumber can have a tremendous impact on your entire existence. Furthermore, troubled sleep has been associated with a host of mental health issues, including mania, paranoia and psychosis. As such, if your sleep habits leave much to be desired, you’d do well to get on top of this. Anyone looking for a better night’s slumber is urged to consider the following tips.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 17, 2021 17:47
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