Using ivy instead of flowers for aisle and dining chairs is less expensive and just as lovely. Skip the calligrapher and write your envelope addresses.

Don't skip dessert but opt for a pie or ice cream buffet over a wedding cake. Or send guests home with a jar of homemade cookies or a bag of their favourite candy. Click on the link at: to get more useful tips to make your wedding memorable at a low cost.

1. Pick a Theme

Find a theme that you and your partner love. It will help you stay within your budget. Choose colours that pair well together and work with the venue.

Consider your shared passions and interests as a couple to find a unique theme that you will both enjoy. For example, if you both love food, you could theme you’re wedding around a favourite cuisine.

Think outside the box when choosing a cake. Instead of having a traditional cake, consider ice cream cakes, pies or cookies. Providing your guests with an alternative will save you money. Also, consider not serving a guest book in favour of a photo album, note cards and a disposable camera at each table. This will allow you to spend more time chatting with your guests during the reception.

2. Set a Budget

When planning your wedding budget, take into consideration how much money you and your partner have to save as well as what family members can contribute. If you're considering using credit cards to pay for wedding expenses, make sure you can comfortably cover the balance in a few months.

Non-negotiable items can add up quickly, so it's important to set a realistic budget from the start. It helps to know what vendors charge in your area so you can better estimate the costs of your dream wedding.

Avoid overspending by creating a list of what's most important to you and your partner. If a must-have like the dream venue or the designer dress is too pricey, consider what other non-negotiables you can cut to stay within your budget.

3. Make a List of Vendors

Building a robust wedding vendor list is the first step to planning the perfect day. Start by making a prioritized list of your must-haves and don't-wants. This will help you stay within budget and make smart choices about which products and services to invest in.

For example, a florist can cost a fortune, so look into buying flowers in bulk and making your centrepieces. Also, many venues allow you to bring your alcohol so save hundreds by serving soft drinks and juices.

Another way to save on décor is to ask family members for help. That BFF with a great eye for photography or your sibling who knows how to bake can give you an amazing hand without breaking the bank. They may even offer to do it as a wedding gift.

4. Look for Discounts

A little creative thinking can go a long way in saving on your big day. Look for coupons, sales and cashback sites. If you’re a DIY bride, check out dollar stores for items like raffia and flip-flops that can be used to create wedding decor.

When it comes to your guest list, trimming the number of people you invite can significantly lower your overall costs. This will save you on food, beverages and rentals.

Be sure to book vendors ahead of time, especially during prime wedding season in your area. If you’re planning to have a hotel room block for out-of-town guests, book this early as well. This can help save you hundreds. Also, some vendors may offer discounts if you hire them for a future wedding or recommend them to someone else.

5. Ask for Help

One of the best ways to make your wedding memorable is by letting your guests know how much you and your partner appreciate them. Show them that by making a unique and creative wedding program. It is a great way to share fun details about you and your partner, as well as provide the key information that your guests should have for your ceremony.

Instead of rice, you could have your bridal party hand out tambourines and noise makers to send you off as newlyweds. You could also replace chairs with hay bales covered in quilts or even picnic blankets, or opt for a circular seating arrangement and recite your vows “in the round”.

Honour the guest who set you and you're SO up by decorating their chair with a special sign that reads "Matchmaker". They'll never forget how thoughtful you were!