Wholesale cardigans give retail businesses the opportunity to grow with them and elevate their inventory with fancy knitwear. Cardigans are a piece of clothing that many fashion enthusiasts prefer to dress comfy while being exceptionally fashioned. There is a huge market for cardigans that businesses can reach by stocking their inventory with trendy and diverse cardigans. 

For a retailer to evaluate what cardigans are trendy would be of great help! Further hunting for a wholesale clothing vendor who adds value to your cardigan collection will play a vital role in leveling up your business. That's why in this blog you can get fine details on selecting cardigans as well as suppliers.  

Here are some key attributes to look for while making a versatile and trendy knitwear inventory:

Color Selection

Choosing a trendy color selection of cardigans can significantly impact your profits. See the market trends and find the colors of cardigans that are being sold heavily. Since cardigans are seen as light wear; it's mostly worn on top of other cloths. So,  you will want to go for a color pallet that is not too flashy and denotes comfiness. 

Wholesale cardigans suppliers often provide a selection of cardigans with almost every color. Still, you will require to select a supplier who provides a color option for the cardigans that you require.

Pattern Availability

Knitwears often have floral, cable knit, Aztec, stripes, geometric or chevron patterns! According to your retail and customer interest, you will need to choose between many of these cardigans knitwears pattern. Wholesale cardigan vendors like Shewin provide almost every pattern for the cardigans your business sell. 

Size Range

Retail stores primarily sell clothes for every age group from kids to adults! If your store also sells clothes for every age group you will require to find a wholesale clothing vendor that provides cardigans in every size.  
Depending on if your stores sell for kids, adults, men, or women you will look for size options while purchasing cardings. If you are looking to fill up inventory with versatile cardigans then you should prefer to buy cardigans of each size so each customer can have their perfect fit. 

Diverse Style

To compete with other retailers you will first need to see the standards they have set for cardigan style. By doing this you can have an edge and provide new styles that fashion enthusiasts will have more interest in buying. 

If you have partnered with an experienced wholesale cardigan supplier they will help you in figuring out the trending style. Suppliers have knowledge of the market as they know what styles are trending therefore their advice can benefit your retail. 

Quality Moderation

Quality is determined by the type of fabric used in making the cardigans! Choose fabrics like fabric Cashmere, cotton, acrylic, silk, or other high quilt material. Having surety that material your supplier is supplying is durable and made from the best fabric will help you market your retail as a quality cardigan seller. 

Importance of A Top-Notch Cardigan Supplier Like Shewin

To ensure your cardigan's inventory has versatile and trendy clothing to satisfy customers’ expectations, choosing a top-notch wholesale clothing vendor such as Shewin is crucial. Shewin is a trendy women's apparel brand that provides cardigans with fancy styles. Suppliers eventually determine what your retail inventory looks like! 

Therefore, partnering with suppliers like Shewin with 100,000 products per-day production capacity will benefit you to have a versatile clotting inventory. So, ensure you work with a supplier such as Shewin who is reputable, fairly priced, offers quality, prioritizes your orders, and meets your business standards.


You can attract an audience of vast customers by having a versatile inventory that is curated based on diverse styles, patterns, colors, sizes, and material quality. For doing this partner with a wholesale clothing vendor that is well versed related to the clothing and can provide reliable services.