Hiring the right commercial moving company is crucial to the success of your move. Commercial movers are also constantly evolving and changing how they operate. In particular, Californian moving companies, such as Valley Relocation, are taking the lead in this—here’s how.

Coordination & Planning
There are over 18,500 moving companies in the US, and they offer different services. Previously, businesses had to find different companies for various tasks, coordinate between them, and hope everything went right. 

Now some commercial movers handle all the moving tasks so business owners don’t have to. They provide planning services to effectively plan the move down to the very last detail and coordinate with all the stakeholders involved in the moving process. They essentially become an extension of the business in executing the move. 

Improving Business Output
Commercial movers in California are customizing and designing their services with the end goal of improving a business’s efficiency and finding cost-effective solutions. Their services now include taking into account the business infrastructure. Since the movers have professional training to handle all the tasks, the move is executed quickly. This way businesses are up and running again in no time.

The business world is constantly changing in its operations and infrastructure, and now movers are keeping up with the change for growth and production.

Facility Maintenance Services
Businesses renting commercial spaces must go through their facilities and do repairs and replacements like drilled hole patching to get their security deposit back. Today, commercial office moving companies provide businesses services such as:
Light maintenance
Cleaning and sanitization
Patch, paint, and repair services for office drywall
Office carpet cleaning
Cubicle panel station cleaning

Businesses pay a considerable security deposit to rent a commercial space, and there are quite a lot of security deposit laws and limits in the state. One mistake can cost businesses this deposit, which is why movers are offering maintenance services to mitigate the risk.

Replacing Obsolete Furnishings & Technology 
Movers are offering facility change services that are installation oriented. They scope out a business thoroughly to remove all obsolete equipment like data servers, printers, monitors, etc., and move new equipment in. They also install new devices to save businesses time and effort.

Free Virtual Surveys
On-site surveys have been a common task that commercial business movers have done for a long time. It helps them identify the extent of the move and accurately estimate the cost, tools, and manpower the relocation requires. 

However, once the pandemic hit, business owners became afraid to have unnecessary foot traffic in their offices. Instead of letting this cause a halt to their services, they adapted. They started offering virtual surveys and continue to provide them for free while keeping their cost estimates accurate.

If you’re looking for a full-service moving company that will offer all the above services and more, check out Valley Relocation. They specialize in commercial moves like data center relocation, office relocation, etc. The commercial business movers also offer E-waste disposal and donation service. 

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