Want to know where to find the best Music Keyboard in New Zealand? Look no further than Music Planet. One key aspect to buying a music keyboard is to know and understand the different types of keyboards and pianos that are out there and available in your location, especially if you’re located in New Zealand. 

One of the most popular kinds of keyboards that are sold is digital keyboards, which is the same thing as a piano except that it can also sound like a regular piano as well as other types of instruments. There are also workstations, home keyboards, and even synthesizers—all different types of keyboards.

As for pianos, there are three kinds: grand pianos, upright pianos, and digital pianos. Grand pianos are the largest of the three types and are usually curved. Upright pianos have a rectangular shape and are the most commonly found. Lastly, digital pianos are just like a keyboard except that they use the same sounds as an acoustic piano. Their keys are also weighted to make them feel just like a piano and they’re best for beginners just learning how to play; not to mention, they’re less expensive than acoustic pianos and don’t require too much upkeep on them like the other types of pianos. 

Some of the pianos and keyboards sold on Music Planet’s website and store are:

1) Korg Pa5X 88 88-key Arranger Workstation. This costs $8,999. It’s streamlined and has the best range out of all the other workstations that are sold. 
2) Oberheim OB-X8 8-voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer. This costs $9,999. Oberheim is named after the father of synthesizers and is the best you’ll ever find. 
3) Yamaha U3M 131 cm Upright Piano Black. This costs $6,995. It has a warm, solid sound and has consistent playability. It’s 154 centimetres wide, 131 centimetres high, and 65 centimetres deep. 
4) Korg L1 Piano 88-Key Digital Piano – Black. This costs $699. This is a slim, lightweight piano that doesn’t take up much space at all, doesn’t need any tuning, and isn’t that loud for small homes or homes with thin walls. 

Music Planet is an expert in pianos. They’re passionate about them and are experts on them. When buying any type of piano whether it’s a piano or a keyboard, you want to make sure that you buy from experts who know what they’re doing, so you can get the best quality instrument that you can – one that’s worth the money you’re going to pay. There’s a lot to know about buying the right instrument, but wouldn’t you rather buy from people you can trust who are experts in their industry?

Music Planet is passionate about helping out any type of musician whether it’s your career or a hobby or even if you’re just starting out. They’ll work with you to find whatever type of piano and keyboard you need, and to ensure that you can have a music keyboard in New Zealand!